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 Everything Equine 4-H Group

We are always eager to add another friend, horse-loving, equestrian to the group. 

4-H Group Benefits/Qualities


Obtaining set goals through effective teamwork is an important part of the Everything Equine 4-H group. Being on a team takes trustworthiness, problem solving skills, accountability, and a drive to cheer others on. These attributes not only contribute to a successful group, but also a happy, meaningful life. 



Performing in an arena after practicing for hours upon hours at the barn is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. Getting the opportunity to show throughout Nebraska allows the riders to get better and grow their horsemanship skills. Let's not forget the new friendships and learning more about the horse world, that also comes with show experience


Caring for a 1,000 plus pound animal certainly instills an incredible work ethic. Riders spend time scooping stalls and caring for their horses, while other kids are headed out to shop or to a movie. Needless to say, riding and caring for horses is not a walk in the park, but the impact equine companionship has on an individual is something that can't be beat. Mastering the sport of horsemanship is rewarding and builds confidence that translates over to life, school, and equine success. 


Horses provide a sense of belonging in many ways. Riders that join a 4-H group belong to a community of hard-working, devoted cowgirls and cowboys. There is a loving, compassionate community surrounding horses. Horses never hesitate to brighten a child's day, ultimately bettering the lives of the entire family. Being aware that having a horse is a true blessing, we want to give back through 4-H by creating a community where kids and families feel welcomed, safe, and cared for. 

Heading 2

Hear directly from current Everything Equine members



Everything Equine 4-H Member

"I have known Chelsea for over two years as my 4-H leader, trainer, and coach. She has positively impacted me in many different ways. With her leadership, I learned to work hard and to never give up. These traits have helped me throughout my school career and working with my horses. Chelsea has helped our 4-H group with all of our needs, whether they have to do with horses or not. Creating an environment that allows children to grow as people is a very difficult task, yet Chelsea has accomplished it."

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