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Offering beginner, intermediate, advanced, and specific discipline lessons – there is an option for each unique rider. Each lesson is instructed in a safe, educational environment. Horses tend to brighten days and put smiles on faces – just some things that make equestrian time so fun and meaningful. 

Horse Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Skills you can look forward to:

Basic care | Grooming | Washing | Feeding | Education on tack |Intro to riding | Meeting other cowgirls and cowboys at this level

Intermediate Lessons

Skills you can look forward to:

Lunging exercises | Balance | Walking & trotting | Riding around other horses | More in depth knowledge & education about horses

Advanced Lessons

Skills you can look forward to:

Trail riding | Bareback riding | Loping | Increase horse knowledge | Being independent in the arena 

Specific Discipline Lessons

Skills you can look forward to:

Western riding | English Riding | Barrels | Poles | Horsemanship | Showmanship | Show experience | Joining Everything Equine 4-H Group | Friendship

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